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Arterial Disease






Treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease - can relieve pain when walking, treat diabetic foot disease and ultimatley avoid amputation.


Peripheral Arterial Disease is a common problem in our society. It is estimated that up to 25% of people aged over 55 have significnat arterial disease.

Arterial disease in the majority of cases, is caused by a process known as "atherosclerosis". This is the same disease process that causes heart attacks and strokes - one of the biggest killers in our society.

The causes of atherosclerosis include -

Unfortunately, diabetes and smoking provide the greatest risk and increase the severity of this disease.

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Peripheral Arterial Disease can cause a number of symptoms & problems. Initially people tend to suffer pain when walking, generally a cramping feeling in the leg, that occurs when walking a certain distance. This pain can significantly limit your lifestyle, preventing exercise and impacting fitness, weight loss and enjoyment of life.

As the arterial blockages progress, pain at night and even in the worse cases, ulcers and gangrene can result. This requires urgent treatment or very rarely amputation may be the only option. Early diagnosis and treatment can significantly reduce the above risks.

There are now many treatment options including medication, minimally-invasive ("key-hole") balloon angioplasty and stenting - see images below. Occasionally bypass surgery may be required.

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