Frequently Asked Questions

Vascular Surgery is a highly specialised field of medicine/surgery that deals with diseases of blood vessels – arteries and veins – of the entire body, except those of the heart (the heart or coronary blood vessels are treated by Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons).

Yes. Dr. Hansen is a Specialist Vascular Surgeon and to access Medicare and/or Private Health Insurance rebates, a valid referral is required from your GP or referring Specialist. Always remember, if you are told you don’t need a referral, this means you are seeing a General Practitioner regardless of what qualifications the doctor may possess.

Dr. Hansen will provide you with personalised and experienced care for your vascular condition. An initial consultation will ensure that you have the opportunity to explain your problem completely. Dr. Hansen will listen to you and fully explain the cause of your problem and the possible consequences.

Your condition will be fully investigated and diagnosed before Dr. Hansen will discuss with you all the options for treatment so that together a plan for management is agreed upon, that is most appropriate for you.

All costs of treatment will be discussed and written quotes provided before proceeding with treatment.

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